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Enhance curb appeal and extend the life of your driveway!

We only use a high quality, commercial grade sealer called Black Mac.

Store bought sealants such as acrylic and water based, only paint the top of your asphalt driveway leaving it still dry underneath.

During the winter thaw, the store bought sealants can chip, peel or flake off leaving your driveway unprotected and susceptible to cracks.

Black Mac is a petroleum/oil based product which is the very substance asphalt is made from. When applied to your driveway by a high pressure sprayer, it does just paint the top. Instead, the sealer penetrates the surface going deep into your asphalt. This protect against the sun's harmful U.V.B. rays and restores colour and aesthetics thus extending the life of your driveway and saving you money!

At Kaydon Sealing we guarantee no over spray on interlocking stone, your home, garage doors or vehicles.


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